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One of the primary purposes of is to uncover opportunities for professional shoppers or mystery shoppers.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Every business must conduct product research and testing in order to evaluate how effective they are at selling the product or providing customer service. For example, how do the executives at Red Lobster know that their food is being well received and that each restaurant is performing up to company standards? Naturally they will look at reports of sales and read customer feedback cards; but this is not nearly enough. Employees at restaurants have been known to create bogus feedback cards to make the restaurant look good. Employees have been known to take feedback guards with negative comments and throw them in the trash. This is where mystery shopping comes in. Companies will pay objective consumers to go into their company and make a purchase and then provide direct feedback to the company on the product and quality of the service.

What are some of the advantages of becoming a Mystery Shopper?

Perhaps one of the best aspects of being a mystery shopper is you get to control how far you want to take it. If you want to do it part time you certainly can. You can get paid to go shopping, get free products, and just enjoy that extra bit of spending money. Other people have choosen to become full time mystery shoppers. There are advantages. Typically you will be rewarded with a many variety of stores and restaurants to choose from and make anywhere between $10 and $40 for shopping. If you love to shop and like making money then mystery shopping is certainly something to consider. The nice part is you can start out part time with no risk, keep your day job; then if you really like what you are doing you can jump in and do it fulltime!

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